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State of Consciousness

Hypnosis is a natural, everyday symptom. Hypnosis is one of our everyday natural “states”.
To gain a complete understanding, we must first understand that in our daily life we ​​are in one of the 3 states or states of consciousness, or “State of Consciousness”. The 3 conditions are:
Normal State
It is a “normal” state of consciousness in the everyday sense. In this state we are in a state of “alert”, and our minds tend to be critical. In this condition, the filter of the Subconscious Mind is more “closed”, so that we are relatively less responsive to suggestions that come from outside ourselves, or we are in a “Non Suggestive” condition.
Sleep State
Is a condition when we fall asleep without a dream. In this condition, even though the Conscious Mind is in an inactive condition, the Subconscious Mind does not respond to information coming from outside, or the Subconscious Mind is in a “Non Receptive” condition. It is practically said that we are also in a “Non-suggestive” state.
Hypnosis State
Between the Normal State and Sleep State, there is a condition called the “Hypnosis State”, or often abbreviated as “Hypnos”, some even call it the condition “Hypnosis”.
In this condition, we tend to be more “suggestive” to accept responses that come from outside ourselves, in other words that the filter of the Subconscious Mind begins to open, so that information is relatively easier to “enter” the Subconscious Mind.
This “Hypnos” condition has a fairly large range, starting from “Light”, “Medium”, to “Deep”, where the “Light” condition more or less means that the Subconscious Mind filter is starting to open “a little” and the “Deep” condition means that the filter of the Subconscious Mind is wide open.
Based on this explanation, it is possible to begin to understand that hypnosis is practically putting oneself or others into a state of “hypnosis”. Or in other words, learning hypnosis knowledge, among others, is learning various techniques to bring the subject into a “hypnotic” state.

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